Helping is easy, there are several ways you can help!

Donate or Sponsor

ABC Rescue is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. All contributions are tax deductable. 100% of funds are spent on animal welfare, and all members are non-paid volunteers.

Foster a Homeless Dog

Temporarily house a dog until a permanent home can be found. Fostering is an optimal way to save animals. Please consider becoming a Foster home for one of our homeless dogs.



Were you a dog groomer in a previous life? Do you enjoy quiet drives with a few dogs?
 Donate your talents and help save a dog's life. We can always use volunteers to help transport dogs to safety.


Adopt a Dog and Tell a Friend

Think first of animals that have been dumped in shelters because their owners got tired of them, or the new landlord won't accept pets, or the owners moved. Please check our Available dogs to find your new best friend.






Our rescue efforts are dedicated to Australian Shepherds and Border Collies.
These herding dogs are adorable puppies and often misunderstood adults. These intelligent dogs are bred to problem solve. They require some sort of job or mental stimulation. Lack of breed knowledge lands several in shelters daily.
Many shelters must euthanize good dogs to make room for the many strays and dogs surrendered by their owners. Our primary service area includes northern Nevada and the Sierra Foothills of California.



Support our Friends and Partners

The businesses and individuals listed on the Friends and Partners page have made significant contributions to the animals of ABC Rescue. We urge you to let them know you appreciate what they've done, and that you will support them because of their generosity and kindness.


Donate a Kurunda Bed

We use patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. Click here if you would like to donate a bed to us for use by a foster dog.
Donate a Bed



Kathy is back to Rescuing

5 mo. have passed and with the help of a great physical therapist and ..." a little help from my friends"..... I am walking and back rescuing and finding homes for deserving homeless dogs. Thank you for all the wonderful prayers, words of encouragement, and monetary donations to help keep us afloat.
Kathy Givens


Ask us about a unique boarding facility we can offer!