How to Help

Helping is easy, there are several ways you can help!


ABC Rescue is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. All contributions are tax deductable. 100% of funds are spent on animal welfare, and all members are non-paid volunteers.

You've heard it before.... Please send money!!!
The fact remains, we have many dogs requiring medical attention, training, transport, etc. Your dollars can help us save them when our own pockets are empty. Please consider a tax deductible donation via payppal or can be sent to:

ABC Rescue of Northern Nevada
c/o Kathy Givens, Director
2735 Clapham Lane
Minden, NV, 89423

Bedding, toys, and treats are always welcome also!
Contact us and we will find a way to meet you and transport these items.



Sponsor one of our current dogs

Please consider a tax -deductible donation to sponsor one of our current dogs. The vast majority of our dogs come into rescue needing to be spayed or neutered and many are in need of medical care. Take a look at our available dogs and you may choose to sponsor a dog of your choice.

Foster a Homeless Dog

Many great dogs are put to sleep because there is no room for them in already overcrowded shelters. While spaying and neutering are the answer, the fact remains there are just too many unwanted animals.

We are in desperate need of foster homes to give a dog a safe place to stay while efforts to find the right home are underway.

If you can provide a safehaven for a dog, please contact us for more information.



We are always in need of drivers to help transport dogs to safety around Reno, Carson Valley, and the Sierra Foothills in California. Most of these dogs are on death row and catching a ride to a foster home is their only chance of survival. Sometimes it is physically impossible for us to reach a dog before its time is up.

If you are able to help evaluate, pull dogs from shelters, or transport, please contact us for more information.


Adopt a Dog and Tell a Friend

Think first of animals that have been dumped in shelters because their owners got tired of them, or the new landlord won't accept pets, or the owners moved. Please check our Available dogs to find your new best friend.


Support our Friends and Partners

The businesses and individuals listed on the Friends and Partners page have made significant contributions to the animals of ABC Rescue. We urge you to let them know you appreciate what they've done, and that you will support them because of their generosity and kindness.